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    In a strong tech-push ecosystem, such as research driven consortia, the insight in market dynamics provided by The Venturi Tribe is highly appreciated by industrial partners and helps to identify and select relevant potential business cases. Flexible and hands-on approach
    Smart Textiles – Saxion
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    Working with The Venturi Tribe was a breath of fresh air after previous consulting companies or market analysis agencies. Instead of buzzwords and long empty sentences, you get a clear triage of the market: where to go and where to stay away (for now). They even managed to answer all the in depth questions R&D had, We were truly impressed.
    Biomaterials – Rousselot
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    “As a biorefinery technology platform, BioCon is actively scouting the best market opportunities for our products. The Venturi Tribe helped us to (re)focus our attention in this complex ecosystem. We especially appreciated their bottom-up analysis, combining insights from a lot of individual key players, to reach an overall view on market challenges, trends, and opportunities, yet with sufficient detail and specificity to make it practical.”
    Biocon – KU Leuven
    KU Leuven

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